Family Track

For family entertainment, an Orlando attraction since 1968, Lil 500's Family Track has all ages covered. Any age may ride; but it is primarily enjoyed by children from 1 to 8 years of age. We have double-seated karts with dual-controlled steering wheels where an adult and child can ride for the price of one. These are our driver-training karts where the child learns to drive under the control of an adult. When the child becomes 5 years of age or older, they may drive alone. At the age of 5, when the adult is confident the child is ready, our single-seated junior karts are just the right size and speed for our newest drivers. Would Lil 500 G0-Karts be a fun thing to do with your child?

Moto Track

The Moto Track is a "must do", experience for all drivers 8 years of age or older. For a fun thing to do in Orlando, you can ride our uniquely designed go-karts and track surface to get a truly off-road experience. The Moto Track is specifically intended to challenge our intermediate drivers. Imagine conquering our four feet high hill that must be overcome as you ride with up to nine other drivers who have but one thought - "get over the hill first". Road rally exhilaration is what you feel as you finish the ride. Enjoy this Orlando attraction with your family and friends.


Are you 10 years of age or older and want a fast-drifting experience? Then come ride the Lil 500 Fastrac where your skill in handling our uniquely designed track makes you feel like you are in the Daytona 500. Buckle up your four-point harness, punch the throttle, and slide around the curves as you challenge up to eleven other drivers for position and the thrill of coming in first. Unlike other tracks, starting at the back of the pack is no obstacle. Your skill is all that is needed to get that victory lane feeling. A yellow ticket is given out at the end of each ride by out eagle-eyed employees. You can earn a free ride after collecting three of these yellow "gold" tickets. The Fastrac is just one more reason why Lil 500 is a cut above in fun things to do in Orlando at night or day.

Picnic Area

For real family fun, Lil 500 Go-Karts has two covered and fenced Picnic Areas to accommodate several large or small parties at the same time. The Picnic Areas are located adjacent to the tracks. This allows everyone in the party to participate on the ride or by rooting their friends on from the picnic area. Picnic Areas are reserved for two hour time periods starting at 10am Monday through Saturday and one and one half hour time periods on sunday. If you wish to stay longer, you can remove your items from the Picnic Area and sit on the bleachers while members of your group continue to ride the karts. You may bring table decorations, food, birthday cakes, party favors, and drinks to make your party special. The birthday child will receive a special gift from Lil 500. Domino's Pizza in Maitland has special rates for Lil 500 parties. Just call 407-628-2623 to arrange for pick-up or delivery of your pizzas. Soft drink and snack vending machines are on the premises. No grills or alcoholic beverages are permitted. If you are planning a time of fun for your employees, a bachelor party, family get-together, church youth outing, graduation party, or any other reason to get a group together for a time of tun and thrills for all ages, call and make reservations today. To make group reservations call, 407-831-2045. Remember, we have three go-kart tracks - each one designed to accommodate different ages and skill levels. So, make Lil 500 Go-Karts your favorite go-kart theme park in the Orlando area.