Racing Tips Guide

Racing Tips Guide

Have you ever wondered why that one guy is faster than you? Trust us "it's not the kart". Your driving line dictates how fast you can go on any track. In this "Racing Tips Guide" we will try to explain the basic line (or groove as we call it) to help you improve your driving.

If you look at the diagram above, we have placed a yellow line on the track surface. This is "the groove." To have the best optimal time and position, you should try your best to follow this line on the track as you're racing it.

There are spots marked "A" for the spots you DECELERATE (YES, you have to let OFF the gas in order to maintain control, and to get the best overall speed). Contrary to popular belief, most people think that flooring the gas the entire time is the fastest way to race the track. This would be a good example on how to guarantee a spinout and a definite loss of the race.

The spots marked "B" are where you need to ACCELERATE while maintaining optimal control of your kart closest to the railing.

Let’s get back to the yellow line. What we want you to do is keep the yellow line in the middle of the kart as you are going around the track. DECELERATE at point "A," then let the kart roll or coast around the corner until you hit the spot labeled "B." This is where you can ACCELERATE once again. The spots labeled "B" is very crucial point. If you ACCELERATE BEFORE THIS SPOT YOU WILL SLIDE TO THE LEFT GOING OFF OF THE "GROOVE." This is why the fast guys pass you coming out of the corner. They are maintaining that line.

There are different times when you get off the gas but never when you get back on it. When the track is very slick you have to let off BEFORE point "A" to slow down more before the turn. When the track gets stickier or tighter you can extend how far into the corner you can go before letting off the gas. This is something you have to experiment with. It is always changing depending on many different factors (Water/Rain, Moisture, and Temperature).

We hope these tips will improve your driving experience here at the LIL500 Fastrac.