Frequently Asked Questions

How many laps do you get per track?

You get approx - 5 laps on the Family Track, approx - 10 laps on the Moto Track, and approx - 14 laps on the Fasttrac.

How fast is the Fasttrac?

Fast enough to drift on the turns and you will have to use your brake!

Can we wear flip flops?


Do you have an all day pass?

No, but we do offer group rates.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes! All tracks take credit cards.

Where do you buy the tickets?

All tracks sell tickets at the gate.

Are the tickets good at all tracks?

Yes, our tickets are universal.

If you buy a package of tickets can you split them up with multiple people and multiple tracks?

Yes, and they are good ANY TIME!

Is it 1 ticket or 2 for riding a double seater with a child?

Only 1 ticket.